This page is provided as an online reference to technicians who have attended or would like to learn more from the proceedings of the NERRS CDMO Technician Training Workshop(TTW).

TTW 2018 Training and Presentation Recordings

Dr. Dwayne Porter, Introduction and History of SWMP:

Dr. Marie Bundy, OCM updates:

Mike Mensinger, MET Hardware:

Kim Cressman and Chris Mitchell MET Software Parts 1-2:

Chris Mitchell, MET Software Part 3:

Kim Cressman, MET Software Troubleshooting:

Jeff Adams, Campbell Scientific, MET Calibrations, Technology, and Troubleshooting. Includes Problem Data with Mike Mensinger:

Telemetry Training with Jeremy Miller (Basics, EXO/Sutron), Gregg Sakowicz (Good Practices and Troubleshooting), and Mike Mensinger (Storm3):

Mike Mensinger, WQ Data Collection Basics:

Curt Butler, YSI WQ Training Part 1:

Curt Butler, YSI WQ Training Part 2:

Mike Mensinger and Curt Butler, WQ Problem Data:

Jordan Mora – But Why the Decline? Shifts in Macroalgae Biomass in a Eutrophic Microtidal Estuary:

Kim Cressman - SWMP data on display: your guide to SWMP Status Reports:

Anna Deck – Using Water Quality Data to Understand Olympia Oyster Patterns in San Francisco Bay:

Ali Helms - Estuarine Acidification, Eelgrass Declines:

Dr. Kristi Arend - Evaluating EXO Total Algae Probe Performance in Old Woman Creek: is it a Keeper?

Dr. Kim Falinski - Introduction of the Kaneohe Bay NERR – Goals and Objectives:

John Haskins, Nutrient Overview:

Susan Denham, Nutrient Training for Collectors:

Melissa Ide, SWMP Data Management Updates: